Beyond my work at CCS, I sometimes present at conferences, provide workshops, and consult privately with schools and families. Contact me for information.

Workshops and consulting for educators

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Workshops and consulting for families

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“I just did a package with Jarrod to help us deal with [my son’s] tantrums. [He] would not get his way and he would go completely limp, lie on the floor and not move, cry the whole time. If we ignored him he would turn destructive to objects in the room. Turns out the best strategy is talking to him about what is making him sad in a calm voice—seems easy enough, but there are nuances to the approach and Jarrod helped us come up with the strategies. Now [my son will] cry briefly, expect my responsive inquiry, answer me, and move on. Huge improvement! Jarrod has these reasonably priced packages that include 3–4 phone sessions and an intro, and he takes great notes and send you all the bullets via email afterwards.”
—Parent and client

“Your workshop? Awesome. I enjoyed it so much, your enthusiasm, the flow of the information, the slides you included … What I loved the most, though, was that it was like, documentation with heart. So many workshops about documentation are dry … Yours, on the other hand, was REAL. Lots of social-emotional stuff, for the kids AND the parents … You’re a really good speaker.”
—Samantha, workshop attendee

“You have been all an ideal preschool teacher should be: loving, patient, funny, consistent, and creative. Our family treasures you and all you gave to [our son] and our community this year. Your gifts of teaching love, trust and respect, as well as perseverance did not go unnoticed and will help prepare [our son] for all that he will encounter next year and beyond. Simply put, you are THE BEST!”
—Maya, preschool parent

“Jarrod Green is an enthusiastic, efficient, and dynamic professor. He clearly knows the profession and discipline and he seems to have a great deal of respect for it. His dedication to children is apparent. The students were energized by Jarrod and they had an obvious respect for him and his work. DVC is very fortunate to have Jarrod on staff. He is an outstanding professional.”
—Deya Hill, Diablo Valley College, Co-chair of Early Childhood Education Department

“It has been my honor to drop my kids off in your class every day this year. You have been a constant, a role model, a teacher to our whole family, and a true professional. Thank you for your patience and your guidance.”
—Linsey, preschool parent

“Jarrod was FANTASTIC! So energetic and inspirational.”
“Fantastic ideas were shared. He is definitely an asset to the child care field.”
“Jarrod had some really great, practical and very doable ideas for documentation.”
“Great workshop. Lots of examples and information. Good balance of overall view information and specific techniques. Great, confident, personable presenter style.”
“Absolutely delightful presenter—so enthusiastic and obviously engaged in his work. Lots of real information and ideas we can use.”
—Excerpts from workshop evaluations, CAEYC, 2011

“I just want to thank you again for your help. Your tips were super helpful. The lesson was a huge success! It was a great experience and they have even asked us back. Thank you again, your guidance and insight was priceless! Simply amazing.”
—Arlen, fitness specialist, after first time teaching young children